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1st quarter 2nd down

Theme: Divorce...A Living Death

For the month of February, I will share how growing through a divorce was much like a living death. This is the first quarter of the year, and we are in the second month (that's the 2nd down). I’ve been thinking since last year how would I captivate my audience.

My goal is to start attracting those authentic women healing with no regrets. The tomboys of healing. So, I have evolved my voice as well.

Story Time. Divorce vs Football

Comparing divorce to football can be helpful in understanding how to cope and find peace after divorce. Think about when you fumble or have an interception. You have to go back and recover. That’s coping after a divorce…recovering YOU.

Just like football, my divorce was a challenge, with many ups and downs. I felt like I was facing a daunting task and I would never be able to make it through.

With football, if you have the right team and strategy, you can come out on top. I started to draft my entire life. Looking for the best players to recruit.

My family, friends, business partners, collaborations, sponsors, etc. I went to the huddle and came out with a Super Bowl winner team and strategy.

1st quarter

I created a support system of family and friends who can provide emotional support. My team is better than yours!!!!

Although we wear different jerseys, we are on the Team of Love, Life and Growth.

2nd quarter

I focused on self-care activities that made me feel good and full of joy. I sought professional counseling to help me tackle the emotions and challenges of divorce.


I am taking time for myself to reflect, meditate, and practice mindfulness which helps to find peace and acceptance after divorce.

With the right support, self-care, and reflection, you can make it through this challenging time and come out on top, I did!!

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